the digital do-tank for NGOs and projects with purpose


Hey there!

We are Franz and Thomas

We didn’t want to continue freelancing for yet another project. Instead, we feel it’s about time to support causes and projects dear to our hearts.

We develop software (apps, websites, tools) to solve real world problems. With [bit]purpose we want to use our skills for projects with purpose.

We believe that our skills can help to drive positive visions and to achieve something good.

Let's start talking today!

We believe in

Sustainability over profit.

Everyone’s equal & unique.

Being partners in tackling challenges and delivering value together.

Dedication for the common good.

Fairness and honesty.

Sharing knowledge and helping communities.

Challenge old habits and concepts of working.

What we can do

What we can do

Perhaps you think about a digital product being a potential solution to your challenge? Or maybe you need help planning and implementing such a project? We'd be happy supporting you with these tasks right from the start or join your already running project. Everything from ideation, concept, prototyping to building and coding an MVP is something we enjoy doing.

But our work doesn't necessarily always need to be about building something. We love educating people about new tools and processes, giving fun workshops. Yes, even getting rid of manual or tedious processes by simplifying and automating them is something we like. 

No matter what, you can always expect honest advice and sincere help.

Our tools & methods

In case you wonder what we can do. Here's the stack we're using on a regular basis. But we're happy to learn about new tools, methods and technologies.


Full-stack, Backend, Frontend, Mobile, Python, Django, Swift, Objective-C, Flutter, Serverless, AWS, JavaScript, Vue.js, [...]


Project management, design thinking, Agile: Extreme Programming, Scrum, Kanban, [...]


Wireframes, Icons, Prototypes, InVision, Sketch, Photoshop, [...]


Patience, Empathy, NVC, Being respectful and also having fun doing what we do.

So why would you be working with us right now? What makes us different:

Of course, the tools we use are no different: we do good, honest work. And yes, many people can code. We also give workshops, manage projects and consult.

But we see a difference in our motivation.

[bit]purpose is our idea to build an organisation that is authentic and harmonises our values and wishes with our everyday work. We want to be involved in many aspects of our work and no longer be restricted to a particular specialist role. We are coders, workshop hosts, project managers, consultants and much more. Maybe you don't need all of this at once, but we can certainly help here and there. Above all, we want to use our skills to support projects that are committed to a social, societal or ecological plan - in short, which have a purpose.

Our idea is to combine the principles of "new work" and "with purpose" with our skills by building [bit]purpose. In this way, we want to be able to work on both fee-based and non-profit projects in the long term, so that we do not have to regularly accept run-of-the-mill projects for profit-maximising companies.

If you share our vision and our skills can benefit you or your project, then let's get started!



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